We can create pizza boxes that are vibrant and long-lasting, perfect for delivering pizza to your clients. We are able to provide corrugated cardboard pizza boxes that have been custom printed and are of the highest quality. We will manufacture the pizza box according to your specifications, so feel free to choose any form, style, or size.

Product Specifications


Despite the fact that it is mandatory thing for food brands to provide protective and sturdy packaging for the crucial and delicate products they sell, they also need to cover their branding and promotional aspects. In point of fact, we possess the essential variety of capabilities and an effective group of professionals, which ensures that your product will present an interesting and engaging appearance to eaters when it is placed on cafe racks, in restaurants, and when it is delivered to residences.

With this natural Kraft customizable corrugated plain pizza box you can put your own unique spin on your delivery and takeout service! This pizza box is just what you need to transport scorching hot pizzas of any size wherever you go. You may also use it to make calzones and strombolis filled with meat and cheese. Because it is made to endure enormous loads, the corrugated cardboard works wonderfully for all types of pizza, including hand-tossed, pan, and deep-dish pizzas. Because of this box, there is no longer a need to save your more substantial foods and sauces for customers who are dining in. 

This pizza box has a natural kraft surface, which is perfect for printing your own personalized message or for easily labeling the box with the name of your company, its logo, and any other relevant information. You can put it to use in your restaurant, pizza shop, or grocery store so that hungry customers can take traditional Italian cuisine home with them. 

You will be able to personalize the outside of this pizza box, which will provide you with the convenience that you require, along with the disposability that you desire. Just put everything in the box, and then send it on its way!

By opting for pizza boxes that feature your company’s logo and creative designs, you may strengthen the connection between the flavor of your pizzas and your brand. Your personalized pizza boxes will be printed in vibrant CMYK or Pantone using either offset or flexo printing of the highest quality, depending on the quantity of your order. Printing using an offset press is ideal for intricate designs and intricate images while producing with flexo is fantastic for printing large and bold designs. On brown kraft cardboard, the best results are achieved with darker colors and muted tones. Everything you need to communicate with pizza enthusiasts everywhere.

The high-quality E-flute corrugated cardboard in brown kraft that your custom-printed pizza boxes are made upon is colored kraft. For your takeaway pizza boxes, you have the option of selecting the traditional sizing standard. There are three standard dimensions available for our personalized pizza boxes. The pizza box with dimensions of 30 by 30 centimeters is the ideal size for 24-centimeter pizzas, while pizza boxes with dimensions of 40 by 40 centimeters and 50 by 50 centimeters are suitable for pizzas of 34 centimeters and 43 centimeters, respectively. Or perhaps you have an atypically shaped or sized pizza and require a totally customized pizza box to accommodate it. No difficulties. Request a custom size.

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