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Unity Packaging, the industry leader in custom box manufacturing and wholesale distribution, serves customers all over the USA We offer a sizable inventory of bespoke boxes emblazoned with our company emblem and crafted from superior materials.  We provide your brand the prominence it deserves. With just a few finger taps, you can go from idea to vibrant packaging. We are able to execute orders as small as 100 boxes for everyone from startups to large merchants. Regardless of the quantity, we have you covered.


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Age of Custom Packaging Box is Here

Custom Boxes are becoming increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives. These boxes are readily available, and they can be personalized in accordance with the ingenuity and originality of the customer’s product. Along with inventiveness in the structure of the boxes, boxes can be printed with a variety of decorative and style options to distinguish them from one another and make them stand out in the marketplace. 

Customized Mailing Boxes

Explore our great selection of bespoke mailer boxes – the ultimate shipping solution for e-commerce and all types of enterprises. Create your own now.

Luxury Packaging

Explore our assortment of excellent packaging: from rigid boxes to a variety of customisable solutions, add a touch of elegance to your premium boxes.

Personalized Box

Custom-made, high-quality box inserts designed specifically for your products. Ideal for retaining products securely in place while exhibiting them attractively.

Box Printing & Packaging Enhancements

Explore our extensive selection of elegant and durable printed boxes, ideal for subscription boxes, eCommerce packaging, and retail displays. Enhance the unboxing experience with packaging additions, including custom printed stickers and labels, thank you notes, and pamphlets.

Why do you need custom box packaging?

Your company will benefit from having custom boxes printed with your logo. Get your brand out in front of the competition by purchasing our branded customized boxes at the lowest possible wholesale prices.

 Your brand will be advertised in the most effective way possible using our custom printed boxes, which also serve as efficient promotional tools. Because of this, you see a large uptick in revenue, and your product or service becomes more easily recognizable. 

You get to choose the type of boxes, and there will be no additional charges for putting your company’s logo on any of the boxes. Our clients can take advantage of our free graphic design support at any time. If you choose to order our custom boxes in bulk, you can take advantage of our very best wholesale pricing.

We Use Durable Custom Box Material

The packaging material depends on the product’s thickness and dimensions. Send Us A Query If You Don’t Know Building Materials! Our material analysts will help you choose a competitive paper stock for your brand. Consider your brand’s marketing campaign when choosing paper and printing colors.

Different retail products are wrapped in these materials:

Rigid Boxes – Safe and Printable

Perfect for: cosmetic, perfume, and foundation bottles.

Boxes are reliable and strong. They’re four times as durable as usual. Our rigid box’s 1-3mm thick paper board is bonded or laminated with ornamental paper for a great look.

Affordable rigid building material is great for composite and printing. They give boxes and items a simple, attractive appearance. Our professionals personalize these boxes with eye-catching printing designs to attract consumers.

Kraftboxes – Eco-friendly

Today’s consumer is environmentally conscious. They desire eco-friendly packaging for their products. We’re socially responsible by customizing packaging with eco-friendly materials.

Kraft packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable. It protects food from heat, moisture, microbes, and other environmental factors. Kraft boxes are strong and stiff, protecting packed products from damage during shipping and transport.

Cardboard Boxes – Flexible

Custom Cardboard Boxes may hold a variety of things. Custom boxes can be manufactured into any form, size, and dimension. This package contains cosmetics, clothes, pharmaceuticals, appliances, and food.

Bonus: We Provide Free Shipping

We are able to provide free printing of any design, including your company’s logo. In addition to that, we provide free shipping wherever in the world. Therefore, place an order for our wholesale bespoke boxes at the lowest possible wholesale prices to receive free and speedy delivery right to your home!

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Think outside the box. Our packaging services are fully customizable, allowing you to develop your own design without any technical prerequisites. Mailers, folding cartons, shipping boxes, and gift boxes emblazoned with your company’s logo will demonstrate your enterprise’s ingenuity. Our do-it-yourself strategy enables you to go wild throughout the entire creative process. Look through our inventory, and don’t forget to order our bulk supply of boxes with your own custom printing!

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